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Brief Description

When we met Jill, she was just plain unhappy with her website services. She knew her hosting was overpriced, and she wanted to fix up her website without overcomplicated things. We took this mess right off her hands.

We launched a brand new site for her with a brand spankin’ new logo. It’s easier to update, mobile friendly, and less expensive to maintain.

Yay for Jill!

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CoreStrategies for Nonprofits

CoreStrategies for Nonprofits Website Design
Sail Away Media Corestrategies for Nonprofits Web Design

CoreStrategies for Nonprofits came to us needing a web design revamp. We worked with them to turn their old static website into a fully responsive, modern site their entire team is thrilled with.

“We looked at a number of different web designers when we decided to redo our site. We had a real comfort with Alyssa from the beginning, and decided that Sail Away Media was the group we wanted to use. We were not disappointed. She had good ideas for us and was incrediblyresponsive to what we wanted. We would recommend her without reservation.”

-Terrie Temkin, CoreStrategies for Nonprofits

The Crossroads Club

Modern, mobile-friendly design

Completely redesigned from a static website

All websites are guaranteed mobile friendly

New, exciting features

The Crossroads Club new website incorporates all the important information that was featured on their old site, plus MORE! We added donation functionality that works seamlessly with PayPal and responsive meeting lists to display over 500 meetings that they hold at their clubhouse.

Designed for every device

Having a responsive website is no longer an option—it’s a necessity. According to CMS Report, 57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site. The new Crossroads website is designed to look beautiful on all devices: mobile phones, tablets, laptops, you name it.

Strategically built for SEO

All of the websites we build are optimized for maximum SEO potential. It’s possible to optimize an existing website, but the best thing to do is build it right from the beginning. The new website was built using responsive design, proper URL structure, optimized images, and more. No extra fee.

USRA Coalition

USRA Coalition Website

USRA Coalition is a non-profit based in Bergen County, New Jersey. Their mission is to protect the youth from substance abuse and create awareness in the community. We worked closely with them to portray their vision—starting with a logo design all the way to launching a website that suits their community’s needs.

Nina Lisa Photography

Nina Lisa, wedding and portrait photographer, wanted to create a website to showcase her stunning photography. The website features a portfolio-based homepage to awe visitors, company and service information, and a custom contact form. More awesome features coming soon!

AM Architect LLC

am architect web design

Mobile Friendly Web Design

Beautiful on all devices

All websites are guaranteed mobile friendly

The AM Architect website was built using WordPress. Most of our sites are built using this platform because it’s flexible, easy to pass off to individuals if they would like to make changes on their own, and extremely customizable.

We chose a theme to use on our WordPress website, but AM Architect wanted to make a few tweaks to the theme to make it their own. This was done easily using HTML and CSS.

AM Architect had a big idea for their site—lots of images! We incorporated tons of photos to show off their incredible work, but we made sure the site was easy to navigate through, and everything was user-friendly.



89% Complete



72% Complete


Design & User Experience

68% Complete
Crafted with Care

We really worked together on this project to create something that truly represented AM Architect’s vision.

Designed for big

AM Architect had hundreds of images that showed off their work, so we needed to come up with the best way to show them all off without dragging down the website or the experience of our visitors.

Contains a lot

As AM Architect has continued to grow, so has their online presence. We began incorporating videos, improving their SEO, and we continued to show off their latest work.