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“The Sail Away team never disappoints! They are incredibly hardworking and truly capture the essence of our practice. The team creates campaigns that are not only refreshing and successful, but also allow our personality to shine through. They work hard to bring new ideas to the table and also help cultivate the ideas we have and bring them to life. Truly a pleasure working with them!”

Sarah Rock

Education Coordinator
The Dental Implant Learning Center

Dr. Neil Warshawsky

Orthodontist and Owner
Get It Straight

“I recently started using Sail Away Media for some target specific ads. I was not sure if the ROI would be obvious, but I knew that SEO stopped being effective for us and I had to try something different.

Covid-19 allowed me to have a 9 week mental reset, which I am now grateful for. I am in the healthcare world and I realized that I was out of my comfort zone in terms of learning this quickly if the goal was to produce a tangible result that could be tracked. Well I am here to say I was wrong. It is very easy to track, and ridicuously effective. We generated almost 43 leads in 30 days at an average cost of $18-$19/per lead.

In my world if 1 case starts in 30 days it is worth it for me. So when 3 new patients started the first week of the program being deployed I was amazed. It did not stop after the first week.

I did follow up with all of the leads personally so you may say that part of the success of our ads is my ability to convert. This is true, but the fact is I would never have spoken to these people otherwise. I am astounded by the effectiveness that Sail Away has achieved.

Now we are fine tuning the parameters and in addition building fresh content approximately every other week. Admittedly I am a novice on advertising on Facebook, Instagram, etc..but if the goal is more business then it clearly works.

All this aside, the personal attention I have been given makes me a raving fan. This is a small agency, run by people with passion that know their craft. I would like to think that those who know me would me would say something similar about my practice.

“I did a program with Sail Away Media and I’ve done marketing for a lot of years now… Usually, we get about 30-40 new patients per month. We actually got 113 new patients last month. It was plenty of patients to choose from for our program. I highly recommend them.“

John Minichetti

Englewood Dental

“Sail Away Media was super easy to work with and they delivered great results for our brand. The ad messaging was creative and they targeted the right clients for us across the board both with new leads and retention.

In a world full of people that over promise and under deliver you do not have to worry about that with Sail Away.”

Destiny Beck

Float8 Wellness Lounge

“Been working with Sail Away Media for Facebook Ads and they do great work, know how to get leads and help you grow.

They are quick to respond and know ways to help your brand reach out. Highly recommend.”

Dr. Tony Kim

General Dentist
Pathways Dental Clinic

“I’ve had such an outstanding experience working with Alyssa and the Sail Away team. We truly collaborate to meet our goals.

The team is super professional and talented. I am building a brand that I am proud of, and I can’t wait to see what 2020 holds for us!”

Dr. Frank Caputo

Milwaukee Implant Institute