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The AM Architect website was built using WordPress. Most of our sites are built using this platform because it’s flexible, easy to pass off to individuals if they would like to make changes on their own, and extremely customizable.

We chose a theme to use on our WordPress website, but AM Architect wanted to make a few tweaks to the theme to make it their own. This was done easily using HTML and CSS.

AM Architect had a big idea for their site—lots of images! We incorporated tons of photos to show off their incredible work, but we made sure the site was easy to navigate through, and everything was user-friendly.



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Design & User Experience

68% Complete
Crafted with Care

We really worked together on this project to create something that truly represented AM Architect’s vision.

Designed for big

AM Architect had hundreds of images that showed off their work, so we needed to come up with the best way to show them all off without dragging down the website or the experience of our visitors.

Contains a lot

As AM Architect has continued to grow, so has their online presence. We began incorporating videos, improving their SEO, and we continued to show off their latest work.