How Dental Ads Can Improve Your Marketing Campaign and Attract New Patients


Practitioners who hire a professional marketing team to create innovative and effective dental ads stand out from their competition in the industry.

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The Power of Dental Ads


The dental industry is highly competitive, and you may wonder how to create powerful dental ads that stand out among all your competitors and attract paying patients. Since your exclusive focus is on providing exceptional dental healthcare to each patient, the odds are good that you are inexperienced in business marketing campaigns targeting potential patients. 

Therefore, you should search for an advertising company with an awareness of the demographic you are targeting to generate creative ideas to reach them. Hire a dental marketing expert, such as the dynamic dental advertising team at Sail Away Media, to create detailed and effective ads to promote your dental practice, attract new patients, and retain existing ones.

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The Impact of Dentist Advertising


So, what makes dental advertising effective? Motivational speaker Zig Ziglar was right when he quoted, “People don’t buy for logical reasons. They buy for emotional reasons.”

Skilled marketing teams ensure that your ads appeal to the emotions of your audience. They focus on specific words that generate a predictable response to convince you that scheduling an appointment at one particular dental practice is a good idea and one that the potential patient thought of themself.

Then they use facts and statistics to assess the click-through rate to the Facebook ads. This helps them determine what is working and what they should tweak to improve the results.


Creating the Best Dental Ads


The best dental ads may tap into the patent’s fear about what may happen if they don’t get a professional dental checkup. They may use “before and after” pictures. They offer a sense of security to promote feelings of trust.

Ideal marketing campaigns give people an intense desire to look more attractive. They may also refer to their exemplary services, compliance with the American Dental Association (ADA), numerous satisfied patients, and even offer promotional offers to new clients. An experienced marketing company will create successful dental ads for your practice using a strategic mix of these strategies.

Our Testimonials


“Alyssa and Sail Away Media did a really great job for us! The work was completed in the timeframe that it was promised and the quality of the work was excellent. I highly recommend this company”

Jeff Morris
McMow Law

“This company is such a pleasure. The experience was professional and the energy was creative the entire step of the way. Alyssa is a dream to work with!”

Linda Corley
Daydream Production House

“Sail Away Media has been running our social media marketing program for the past 5 years. I can’t tell you how pleased we have been with their knowledge, innovation and professional skills. They have made our business a buzz in our market.”

Dr. Anna Hong
Englewood Dental

The Purpose of Dental Advertisement


As a dentist, there are many reasons why you need to invest in a quality dental advertisement marketing campaign, such as increasing your online visibility and generating sales.

It’s no surprise that 93% of U.S. citizens use the Internet today. According to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, more than half of Americans use it for health-related reasons. Therefore, the best way to improve your visibility is to have an online presence. Digital companies like Facebook, Google, and other social media sites are there to make sure your ad appears to your potential clients and existing patients wherever they are.

To generate leads, you want to target people interested in the products or services you offer. Advertising aims to attract traffic to your website or social media page and then turn it into leads.

The right team will produce a marketing campaign on a variety of platforms and use the following to display the image that your dental office wants to project:

  • Digital images
  • High-quality videos
  • News 
  • Targeted posts using keywords
  • Themed blogs

Therefore, when you advertise, you increase the chances of having walk-in clients to your physical shop. The key here is to make sure your ad is highly targeted to improve your chances of success.

Dental Facebook Ads Examples


Many dental Facebook ads examples incorporate a combination of fear and hope. These influential methods are often very subtle. Perhaps they will mention that many people feel anxious about going to the dentist and that scheduling a consultation with their specialists will make them more comfortable. Maybe they will discuss the self-esteem issues that result from poorly aligned or missing teeth and how a visit to the dentist can make them more confident.

This method is successful because it uses an emotional appeal, promises a solution, and ends with a call to action: schedule an appointment. By targeting the right audience, your marketing team will help you bring a stunning smile to a greater number of patients.


Incorporating Dental Office Advertising With the Help of an Agency


There are many reasons why you should only work with a professional dental office advertising agency, and some of them include the following:

  • A professional helps you navigate the complexities of modern marketing strategies. They know the intricate and tiny details of creating an ad that can generate a desirable number of leads.
  • A professional does their own research and analysis to create a successful ad.
  • They save you the time and money you would have used to create it on your own.
  • They can provide more insight into your customer base.

Facebook ads are just one way a savvy dental marketing company will promote your practice.

Control Your Image With High-Quality Ads for Dental Services


Some offices are unaware of how the community views them. An experienced marketing firm will produce dental ads that offer tips and present the image you want to foster.

For example, many ads for dental services target parents of kids in school. Parents want their children to have the confidence of attending school and interacting with friends with a smile on their faces. The ability to keep appointments with the cooperation of a compliant child ensures that a parent’s dentist’s office of choice presents an image of being child-friendly and comfortable.


Marketing With Dental Implant Ads


If you want to post a dental implant ad, make sure that you target the correct demographic of people. What kind of people in your community are looking for an implant? In addition to the elderly, it may include people who lost teeth due to the following:

  • Accident
  • Genetics
  • Playing sports like baseball and basketball
  • Poor hygiene

There are several places that you may want to post ads, such as on walls or benches near your dental or orthodontist office. However, in our rising digital age, one of the most prominent places to post them is on social media platforms like Facebook.

Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform. This means that, when using Facebook, you get to reach a significant number of people while getting accurate data about your advertisement. In addition to that, you can specifically target your audience based on their location, age, gender, interests, and so on. Your marketing team will lead you to tailor your campaign for success.

Dental Implant Ads

Choosing the Right Dental Marketing Team

Local dentists and dental practices that hire a professional marketing team realize that the money they budget for promoting the industry and their office improves the overall health of the community members. Additionally, advertising is a great way to increase the practice’s bottom line.

As the founder of Sail Away Media, Alyssa Ege chose premier talent from around the country to build a team of dental marketing experts. Over the years, they have worked with hundreds of clients to deliver incredible results.

Contact Sail Away Media by calling our phone number (561) 203-3908 or sending a message to through the company website for a free consultation. With a superior marketing campaign, our team will increase your brand awareness and, ultimately, the amount of money your office brings in.

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