Digital Marketing for Dentists: How to Market Your Dental Services in 2021


In this guide, you’ll learn why solid digital marketing for dentists is necessary to compete and how to apply it to elevate your dental practice.

title Digital Marketing for Dentists How to Market Your Dental Practice in 2021

What Is Digital Marketing?

If you run a dental practice, the chances are that you’ve heard of digital marketing. However, when you’re busy bringing beautiful smiles to your patients, you might not have a solid understanding of what it encompasses.

Digital marketing, also known as online marketing, promotes various brands using digital platforms to connect and reach prospective clients. At the same time, many digital marketing strategies aim to maintain the existing clients of a business.

Digital marketing involves a wide range of media, including social media marketing, web-based advertising, and local SEO, to name a few. This type of marketing is all about connecting with one’s ideal client through one of the most excellent tools for connection we have today: the internet.


Do Dentists Need Marketing?

If you run a dental practice, online marketing can be a valuable tool for your online presence. Currently, nearly 72% of online adults look online to find the best local businesses in their communities.

In addition, advertising on digital platforms is one of the most cost-effective means today compared with traditional media such as billboards and television ads.

Digital marketing is also beneficial because it can improve online presence and online reputation, which are very influential in the success of a business.

By taking advantage of different online marketing strategies, such as online reviews and social media, one might increase online traffic, heighten the visibility of online content, and boost online conversion rates.


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Why is Digital Marketing Important for Dentists?


Digital marketing is essential if you’re looking to boost your client base as a dental professional. Most dental health practices still rely on traditional advertising methods, such as advertising their dental services on radios, billboards, or direct mail.

Suppose your dental healthcare center still relies on traditional marketing methods and fails to see a decent return on this investment. In that case, this is a sure sign that it’s time to switch to online advertising if you want to grow your dental business and bring lasting brand awareness.

As the digital age continues to evolve before our eyes, a more significant number of people turn to the internet to find new healthcare providers, which means that the majority of people are now looking for dentists online.

Your dental practice is missing out on countless patient acquisition opportunities without a solid online presence. This may be tough to acknowledge, but the good news is that beginning your marketing efforts can be relatively easy.

Digital Marketing Plans for Dentists – How Do You Create a Digital Marketing Plan?


Now that we’ve established the benefits of digital advertising and marketing in the dental industry, it’s time to begin putting these principles into practice, starting with a marketing plan.


Creating a Dental Marketing Plan

Creating a dental practice marketing plan can be pretty straightforward, but it may be beneficial to have an experienced digital marketing agency assisting you. 

First, you need to develop goals, know what you want to achieve, and know your target audience. Once you set goals, evaluate your existing digital marketing presence if you already have one. This will help you understand what to focus on to achieve your goals.

Next, you need to understand the digital sales funnel and build your prospective patient’s persona.

Lastly, you will need to create a content plan. Ensure that your digital marketing plan covers all of the digital channels you will use, including social media platforms, email marketing, a dental website, dental SEO, and paid advertising.

You will also want to develop a budget for your digital marketing efforts, including your maximum dental paid advertising target if you plan to utilize Google PPC ads.

If all these steps are followed, you will be able to create a robust digital marketing plan for your dental practice.

As we’ve mentioned, it’s a good idea to seek help from a dental marketing agency that’s well-versed in marketing for dental providers, especially if you want to make the most of the digital marketing tools available for dentists.

However, even minimal efforts are better than none at all, so if you aren’t ready to go all-out with your digital marketing efforts, it’s not a bad idea to dabble in one or two of these elements before committing to a more comprehensive digital marketing plan.

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Simple Online Marketing for Dentists – How to Market Your Dental Practice Online with No Marketing Experience


The internet provides nearly endless opportunities for increasing brand awareness and building your online reputation. While there are many ways to market your dental practice online, many require at least some experience in digital marketing.

If you want to dabble in digital marketing on your own, we’ve provided a few ideas for starting your practice’s digital marketing efforts that you may implement without the help of a pro.

Focus on Patient Reviews

Most patients believe in the power of reviews for dental practices. Because fear of dentists is so common, patients want to know what other patients say about your dental services to ensure that they can trust you to work on their teeth.

An aggregate 5-star rating is ideal, but for you to get such, you need to develop a strategy of encouraging each patient to leave a review once the service is complete. 

An efficient way of getting that online review is by taking advantage of marketing automation. You should have a system that automatically sends a step-by-step guide to the patient’s phone or email address, complete with links to the site to leave a review soon after they leave your practice.

This marketing automation method takes the guesswork out of leaving a review and frees up your time to work directly with your patients.

In addition, online reputation management is another factor that should be included in your marketing plan. You can use online reputation management (ORM) to monitor online reviews and social media mentions of your business online.


Referral Bonus Program

While online reviews are critical, people trust opinions from their friends and family members more than strangers online. So how do you increase the number of your dental patients? 

One of the simplest ways to keep word-of-mouth spreading about your dental practice is to offer bonuses or discounts to existing patients if they refer or recommend a new patient. This will motivate your patients to recommend other new patients to you.

Although this method is not a digital marketing strategy itself, it can be implemented with different digital marketing strategies, such as email marketing, to ensure that the message about your referral bonus program is being shared consistently.


Give an Offer That Beats Your Local Competition

Competition is vital in any industry. When it comes to digital dental marketing, it’s crucial to keep a close eye on the market and other local businesses offering dental services.  An excellent digital dental marketing campaign should give better offers than competitors in the local area.

If your competitor offers a $99 new patient special, offering the same service for a slightly lower rate (or more appealing services for the same rate) provides a vast opportunity to reach a more extensive patient base.

Similar to the referral program, this is not necessarily a digital marketing strategy, but you should be sure to include this detail in your medical services messaging.


Ensure Your Site Is Up-To-Date

Your dental website should always be up-to-date and compatible for viewing on a mobile device. Make sure it is easy to navigate, reflects the quality of the services you offer, and includes contact information and details on any pricing specials you are currently offering. 

Another bonus tip is to ensure you have at least one friendly picture of yourself and your team or with a patient. This can make a prospective patient feel more at ease before making an appointment with you.

Best Strategies for Online Marketing for Dentists


To reach a larger audience, finding the best strategy from the get-go can help cut through the competition and help your dental practice grow its online reputation. We’ve outlined some of the best online marketing strategies for dental offices below.


Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are highly recommended for dental practices to reach a more targeted audience than any other platform.

Facebook ads work by targeting defined audiences with specific online behavior. Dentists can pay to customize an image post or video content, which is then published to the newsfeeds of internet users who match your target audience of prospective patients.

This means that potential patients who may not be actively searching for a dentist will be able to come across your Facebook ad. This is so effective in the dental industry because everyone needs a dentist.

While your ad’s audience may not have been looking for a dentist, maybe they’ve had a toothache that they’ve been ignoring for some time, or perhaps they’ve been avoiding their current dentist after a negative experience.

Whatever the situation, seeing your visually appealing Facebook advertisement can immediately spark a new desire to make a dental appointment.


Google Ads

While they don’t compare to the efficacy of Facebook ads, Google ads are also an excellent way to reach more patients. It is suitable for targeting specific and broad search terms.

Although other digital marketing strategies such as dental SEO can occasionally get your site at the top of Google search results, paid Google ads, if used effectively, can guarantee you that any internet user local to your area who is searching for such services will see your brand, resulting in a new website visitor.


Online Search Engines

Engaging content is an essential part of a successful digital marketing campaign. Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, involves optimizing your website’s content to rank higher on the search engine results page, thus increasing traffic.

Some examples of channels that can be used in conjunction with search engine optimization are blog posts and long-form content.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is also an excellent dental marketing method as it helps practitioners communicate with past and current patients. It is mainly used to promote discounts and content to keep your business at the top of mind for your patient base.

Many successful dental practices even use this marketing channel to promote practices that aren’t typically available at a standard cleaning, such as teeth whitening services. This will keep your current patients excited to hear from your practice and to keep coming back for more!

Our Team Can Help You Implement the Top Marketing Strategies for Dental Offices

Our Team Can Help You Implement the Top Marketing Strategies for Dental Offices


Some primary forms of digital marketing for dentists can be put into action without a marketing background. However, if you want to take advantage of everything that the digital marketing sphere has to offer, you’ll want a dedicated team of marketing professionals on your side.

At Sail Away Media, we understand that navigating the ever-growing world of online marketing can be challenging for you, and that’s why we are here to help.

Our top-rated dentist marketing company is a leading dental marketing service provider, and we’re ready to take the burden of patient acquisition off your shoulders so you can get back to doing what you do best: working directly with your patients.

For more information about our dental marketing services, we invite you to book a free strategy call with us today.

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