The Benefits of Working With a Dentist Marketing Company


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What is Dental Marketing?


Dental digital marketing is the best way to increase patient traffic and boost revenue. It’s an excellent way for dentists to get more patients in their chairs, no matter what stage of growth they are at. Digital marketing can be used by any dentist who wants to attract new patients and keep existing ones happy.

With the right strategy, you can build trust with potential patients through online reviews, social media posts, and other content that will help them feel confident about choosing your practice over others nearby.

You don’t have to spend hours on this type of work either – we do it all for you. All our plans include full-service dental marketing support from our team, so you know exactly what we’re doing every step of the way. We’ll even provide monthly reporting so you can see how well everything’s working together.

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Why Hire a Dental Marketing Company?


Advancements in technology and the rise in popularity of social media have transformed marketing techniques for many businesses and service providers worldwide. This also applies to dental practitioners and their dental practice.

Getting more people to patronize your dental services in today’s digital world requires placing your practice where potential patients can easily find you. This is why you need to take advantage of digital marketing for dental procedures.

Dental digital marketing involves various online marketing strategies that establish an online presence for your dental practice and make the practice more accessible to your patients.

You can make your dental practice the first thing that patients who need dental treatments will see upon searching for dentists and dental services online through dental digital marketing.

Such digital marketing strategies for dental practices may include social media, search engines, dental Search Engine Optimization (SEO), dental website design, and using blogging and videos to your advantage.

At Sail Away Media digital marketing agency, we aim to help dentists and dental practices achieve more in dental marketing. We create an effective digital marketing strategy that will help increase your online presence and get new patients to visit your practice.

Our experienced team will take advantage of Facebook ads, Google ads, and other social media platforms to grow your dental practice.

No matter your practice’s size, budget, or location, we will efficiently allocate resources and work towards achieving excellent and immediate results in all your dental digital marketing endeavors.

Our Testimonials


“Alyssa and Sail Away Media did a really great job for us! The work was completed in the timeframe that it was promised and the quality of the work was excellent. I highly recommend this company”

Jeff Morris
McMow Law

“This company is such a pleasure. The experience was professional and the energy was creative the entire step of the way. Alyssa is a dream to work with!”

Linda Corley
Daydream Production House

“Sail Away Media has been running our social media marketing program for the past 5 years. I can’t tell you how pleased we have been with their knowledge, innovation and professional skills. They have made our business a buzz in our market.”

Dr. Anna Hong
Englewood Dental

How Much Does Dental Marketing Cost?


Many factors affect the cost of marketing a dental practice. Marketing can be expensive, but there are ways to reduce those costs. The first step is understanding what goes into the price of marketing and where you can save money.

Once you know what’s involved in the process, we’ll help you determine which affordable digital marketing strategies will work best for your business and budget.

We want to make sure that every dollar spent on marketing brings in new patients who will stay with your practice for years to come. That way, when they need more advanced care like implants or cosmetic dentistry, they won’t go anywhere else because they already trust their dentist.

And we all know referrals from happy patients are one of the best sources of new patients. So let us help you get started today by booking a free strategy call.


What Are the Benefits of Digital Marketing for Dentists?


Here are some of the benefits of digital marketing for dentists:

  • Increase your online exposure
  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Help you achieve higher rankings on Google
  • Increase your brand reputation
  • Build your brand voice or establish your dental practice as an authority
  • Reach out to your target audience, and eventually increase your patient list
  • Make your dental practice more accessible to your patients
  • Promote your dental services to your target audiences

Understanding these benefits, many dental professionals attempt to market their practice themselves.

However, this is not always a great idea since dentists work with their patients and don’t have the time or specialized skills to run effective digital marketing campaigns. This is why some of the most successful dental practices work with a dental marketing agency to handle these tasks for them.

How Can a Top Dental Marketing Agency Help You?


A well-designed dental digital marketing campaign allows you to reach your target audience, including current, former, or potential patients, through a personalized message. The best dental marketing agency can help you in the following ways:

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  • Use pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to reach potential patients actively searching for dentists or dental practices within your area.
  • Use social media marketing, your website, or blog to share important information and valuable tips about dental health, and establish your practice as an authority in the patients’ minds.
  • Use internet marketing strategies, such as local SEO services and Google Ads, to increase your dental practice among people within your area.
  • Use email marketing and social media ads to inform patients about the new dental services and procedures you’re offering.
  • Use email and social media marketing to remind patients about their oral health and encourage them to visit your practice for routine dental checkups and exams.
  • Generate reminders and push notifications for patients who haven’t visited your dental practice after a long time.

Dental Marketing Companies

Digital marketing for dentists can help achieve rapid growth for your dental practice at a remarkably affordable cost. However, the sooner you kickstart dental marketing, the earlier you enjoy the benefits.

If you would like to harness the power of Facebook ads for your dental practice, Sail Away Media is one of the most reliable dental marketing companies to work with.


How to Hire a Dental Marketing Company


If you’re considering hiring a dental marketing company, here are some critical questions to ask:

  • Is the company an expert in dental internet marketing?
  • Is the dental marketing agency experienced with local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
  • What digital marketing strategies or tools does the company use?
  • How will the dental marketing company help you reach your goals?
  • How will the dental marketing company help grow your patient lists?
  • Is the company experienced with remarketing?
  • What kind of ads will the company run for your dental practice?

A top dental marketing company with the right marketing plan or strategy can help lay a solid foundation for the growth and success of your dental practice. At Sail Away Media, we provide best-in-class marketing strategies to elevate our clients’ digital presence.

Best Dental Marketing Company

Before scheduling an appointment, patients generally go online to research and review a dental practice or dentist.

The best dental marketing agencies can create an effective strategy to solicit reviews or bring in more reviews from former and existing patients and help with your reputation management. This is because reviews are critical in the decision-making process for potential patients.


Dental SEO Company

For your dental marketing endeavors, if you need reliable experts to offer you the very best of dental internet marketing that will help with lead generation, increase your dental practice’s online visibility, and boost ROI, turn to Sail Away Media.

As a reputable digital marketing agency, we have the experience and resources to help you achieve desired results.

See Why We’re Among the Top Dental SEO Experts


We’re among the top dental marketing agencies because we know what it takes to attract more patients. We use our digital marketing, SEO, and content strategy expertise to help dentists like you grow your practice and get more patients coming through your doors.

You can expect us to work with you every step of the way – from creating a custom-tailored website that provides an exceptional patient experience down to designing branded materials that will make your office look great.

Our team is always available by phone or email if there are any questions along the way. And don’t forget about our monthly reports so you can see how we’re doing at each stage of our process together. Let us show you why we’re one of the best dental practice marketing companies out there today.

Let Us Offer You Effective Dental Marketing Services

Sail Away Media is here to offer your dental practice effective marketing strategies for dentists that will help get the best out of your digital marketing endeavors. You can always turn to us for affordable dental marketing solutions tailored to your budget and unique needs.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about our dental SEO services for dental practices. A wonderful experience awaits you.

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