8 Dentist Advertising Ideas to Boost Your Dental Practice to Success


Great dentist advertising ideas are the foundation of a successful dental practice. This article will provide the inspiration and insight you need to get started.

title 8 Dentist Advertising Ideas and how to boost your dental company to success

How to Market a Dental Office


Dental marketing has evolved rapidly in the last few years. In today’s competitive online landscape, there are some things you should consider if you want to grow your practice efficiently and gain new customers.

With the proper marketing and advertising plan, you can attract new patients and boost your company’s success. Let’s see how you can do that by exploring some of our top marketing ideas.

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Top 8 Dentist Advertising Ideas


Ready to market your dental practice to success? Check out these eight dental marketing ideas from the dental advertising experts at Sail Away Media:


#1. Start a Facebook Advertising Campaign

Facebook is probably one of the biggest advertising platforms. Online presence is a mandatory factor when starting a business of any kind, especially on social media.

Therefore, running local Facebook ads will constantly bring new clients and make them aware of your company and promotions.

Starting a Facebook Business page will bring new clients that are frequently active on social media. Through a dental ads campaign, you will benefit in ways that you can’t imagine.

At Sail Away Media, we create strategic Facebook advertising that will boost your brand identity. We will help you connect with the people within your area and will set your brand to where it can shine, attract new patients, and grow your practice and reputation!

As new patients will be drawn to your page and visit your clinic, it’s all up to you to take advantage and resolve their dental health issues. If the clients are satisfied, they will leave online reviews to boost your website visitors even further!

#2. Create a Patient Referral System

A patient referral system is one of the simplest ways to encourage your clients to spread the word about your dental practices.

You could give free teeth cleaning or whitening coupons or discounts for their next visit for referring a friend or family member to your practice.

Once you’ve found a way to incentivize, start an advertising strategy. Send your customers weekly updates, emails, or cards so they don’t forget about your offer. This works great especially in small neighborhoods, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use social media as well.


#3. Start a Digital Marketing Email Newsletter

Starting a weekly or monthly email newsletter will be easy if you already use email to set your patients’ appointments.

Keeping your clientele up-to-date is an essential part of dental marketing. You can provide simple information about your practice or offer dental suggestions, such as:

  • Oral health tips;
  • Local news about your neighborhood;
  • Food recipes that are beneficial for oral health;
  • Discounts or promotions;
  • Interview with your team;
  • Offer new patient discounts or loyalty cards for loyal customers.


#4. Run Google Ads

Another dental marketing strategy is using Google Ads, which are similar to Facebook Ads. However, they don’t offer such fine-grained targeting as Facebook.

On Google Ads, you can run campaigns based on locations, demographics, or income levels. You can also add location, reviews, or call to your Google Ads.

Claiming a free Google My Business listing will help you add your phone number and location to your ad and let customers review your services. It also boosts your clinic’s visibility in Google’s search engine.


#5. Create a Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy

Using SEO as a dental marketing idea to grow your practice will improve your visibility and exposure in search engines.

Using keywords, images, title tags, meta description, or your Google My Business page, you will optimize your site, online presence, and appear higher on the search results if the SEO is done well.

For example, someone can search for a dentist based on their area. If the clinic you operate has proper SEO adjustments for that region, it will be among the first results on Google search. Dental marketing isn’t always effective without SEO in mind.


#6. Gather Positive Reviews

Online reviews will sometimes differentiate between a successful business or a poor business when it comes to marketing strategies. Your expertise, experience, and dental techniques will be exposed to other prospective patients.

Facebook and Yelp are two of the most trusted review sites in addition to Google and BBB.org. Once you receive positive feedback from your patients, encourage them to post their reviews online.

By doing so, you will expand your client base, and respectively, reach your business goals. Good reviews do wonders for dental marketing, especially since most people, even in 2021, are still afraid of dentists.


#7. Use Video Marketing

Similar to email marketing, video marketing for dentists has taken the marketing world by storm. New or existing patients will want to watch videos for demonstrations.

You can make simple videos presenting educational topics, such as how to floss correctly, or some behind the scenes from your dental practice. Keeping your existing patients close will soon bring other potential clients.

When they view you on screen, familiarize themselves with your face, and see how you work, you will have a higher chance of establishing trust, and thus, more clients.


#8. Use Facebook Remarketing

Remarketing means that you will retarget the people that have visited your website or page. You will need to customize your audience based on your website traffic, but once you’ve done so, it will be worth it.

Some people that might have seen your ad will eventually head to your clinic. In some cases, people will forget what your page was called, despite wanting to give it a shot. However, through remarketing, you will appear again on their screens.

Digital marketing is essential these days, and no matter what dental marketing ideas you may choose to apply, you are sure to increase your exposure.

Our Testimonials


“Alyssa and Sail Away Media did a really great job for us! The work was completed in the timeframe that it was promised and the quality of the work was excellent. I highly recommend this company”

Jeff Morris
McMow Law

“This company is such a pleasure. The experience was professional and the energy was creative the entire step of the way. Alyssa is a dream to work with!”

Linda Corley
Daydream Production House

“Sail Away Media has been running our social media marketing program for the past 5 years. I can’t tell you how pleased we have been with their knowledge, innovation and professional skills. They have made our business a buzz in our market.”

Dr. Anna Hong
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Grow Your Company Using Our Dentist Advertising Ideas


The benefits of dental marketing are countless. By contacting our company, your life will get much easier. Dental business owners all over the world can achieve jaw-dropping results relying on Sail Away Media.

How to Market a Dental Clinic on Social Media

With so many dentist companies out there, you need to stand out. The perfect solution for a modern dental office is social media in the end.

That’s where we step in. Our marketing strategies test and implement different techniques that will expand both your business and client base. As we execute our dental marketing ideas and help your business grow, you can focus on your clients and put a smile on their faces!

Dental Marketing Campaign Ideas


As a dentist, you probably don’t have the time to think about creative and practical dental marketing ideas. 

Luckily, there are so many solutions that will help you expand your business. With focused, targeted, and diverse dental marketing ideas, you will reel in new clients and rapidly propel your practice to the next level. 

Before heading to a marketing campaign, you will need to:

Dental Marketing Ideas: How to Market a Dental Practice


As mentioned above, our dental marketing and advertising ideas will help you turn your dream into reality and build a successful dental practice. You can contact us at (561) 203-3908, visit our website, or book a free marketing strategy call. 

Working with a dental marketing agency is the best way for professionals to focus on their job as they build their client base.

Are Dentists Allowed to Advertise?


Dentists are allowed to advertise as long as their advertising strategies are not false or misleading. According to the ADA Council on Dental Practice:

Truthful, non-deceptive advertising of a dentist’s qualifications, services, or facilities can help patients make informed choices about practitioners and services. On the other hand, false or misleading advertising harms patients by making it more difficult and costly for them to make informed choices.’

Are Dentists Allowed to Advertise sec

Find Out More About How to Do Dental Marketing


Simply put, growing a business of your own is not an easy task. Let us help you! We will study your competitors, identify their marketing strategies, and analyze the target audience for prospective patients.

Our company strongly values working with businesses that wish to bring good oral health to the world and implement the best dental practices.

We are here to simplify your life, just as you do for your patients. Let us handle your digital marketing efforts! Give us a call at (561) 203-3908 to learn more about our Facebook advertising and marketing strategies. 

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