Top Dental Marketing Strategies to Scale Your Business in 2022


Strategic dental marketing is a must for the modern dental practice. This guide outlines what you ought to know to scale your business to new heights.

title Top Dental Marketing Strategies to Scale Your Business in 2022

How to Come Up With Effective Dental Marketing Strategies


Are you having challenges coming up with ideas to advertise your dentistry practice?

If that’s the case, you’re not alone. Attracting new patients is essential for growing and running an excellent dental office. The issue of dental marketing is filled with confusion for many dentists. According to Aldrich Advisors, a dentist needs at least 20 new patients per month to achieve business development and growth for the dental industry.

The issue is, where should dental clinics look for new patients? With the increase in the use of digital media, most potential patients are now online. Your practice’s digital presence — your website, classifieds, social media channels, and so on — is critical to scalable development.

It is your responsibility to convince them to select you. How? Here, the pros at Sail Away Media demonstrate the top tips for using social media, among others, to market a dental practice.


The Importance of Strategic Dental Marketing


Strategic marketing is a must for modern dental practices. Marketing, when done effectively, may be a useful strategy for bringing in new patients and is becoming increasingly frequent in all sorts of communities.

While having a flexible and comprehensive marketing strategy is critical for the health of your dental clinic, building a progressive approach must come first. Dental practices are, in reality, for-profit enterprises.

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Checklist for Dental Marketing


Before you settle on dental office marketing ideas, it’s a good idea to figure out which strategy will be the most beneficial for you. Alongside this, plan a brainstorming session with your team to do a SWOT analysis of your organization. 

Here are basic dental office marketing guides to get you started:

  1. Establish practice and patient acquisition goals: How many new patients do you want?
  2. Create a client profile: Who do you want to reach out to?
  3. Which are the best dental marketing campaigns? Put your ideas to the test.
  4. Do we embrace digital dental marketing?
  5. Is it worth approaching marketing companies?

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Dental Marketing Guide


Dental marketing involves a lot of hard work. The right dental marketing services will undoubtedly assist you in attracting new patients and growing your dental clinic.

Dental Office Marketing Tips

Internet marketing has taken over in recent times; however, some old-school marketing tips are still in use. Let’s get into specific ideas. Here are some marketing tips that you can use.


Outperform Your Competitors

Knowing your competitors is essential for a strategic dental marketing strategy. Investigate your rivals’ marketing methods. Are they using a dental marketing agency? Consider how you can outperform them by approaching the best dental marketing company or looking at other powerful marketing tools alongside.

You can also achieve this by adding value to your operations or services. Remember that patients like convenience. Extend your business hours to accommodate after-school or weekend appointments. You could also think about including an online appointment booking tool on your website.


Create an Online Presence on Facebook

Are prospective patients seeking a new dentist on Facebook? The answer is YES! After all, Facebook has roughly 2 billion daily users who spend an average of 40 minutes each day on its social networking sites.

Chances are, you may book new patients when you promote on Facebook. Facebook also provides you with clever targeting and retargeting capabilities, allowing you to advertise to new patients in your location.


Review Your Search Engine Optimization Strategy

When did you last go through your practice’s website’s SEO keywords? Because Google updates its algorithm twice a day, the most successful terms are continuously evolving.

Local SEO focuses on bringing new patients to your dental practice, especially those residing locally and within driving distance. It entails concentrating on improving your website’s position in local search engine results pages.


Obtain Customer Recommendations

Many small companies survive on recommendations, including dentistry clinics. However, it is sometimes difficult to trace and comprehend where these recommendations are coming from.

Creating an incentive-based referral program makes it much easier to measure your progress. While an actual recommendation card may already be used, a digital referral program is more effective and easy to track. You can quickly set up a schedule, automatically monitor your results, and immediately reward a client when they successfully recommend a friend.


Collaboration with Other Companies

You likely know another company that might profit from yours and has a comparable target market. Why not develop a collaboration in which you suggest prospective consumers to one another? It is referred to as a partner program (or partnership referral program).


Use Email Marketing

Both existing and new clientele are included in the most excellent dental marketing strategies. Don’t forget about your current patients in your attempts to obtain new ones.

Your current patients will recommend their friends and family to you, so foster those ties. Email marketing is a fantastic technique to do this.

On the initial visit, try to get each patient’s email address. On your website, you should also have a sign-up option. It will assist you in creating an email database for your newsletter.


Make Use of Your Google My Business Profile

Your Google My Business profile will be more crucial in 2022! Having a Google My Business page with correct information, hours, and a click-to-call option provides patients with convenience, increasing the likelihood that they will select your clinic straight away. Don’t forget to include personal images on your Google My Business page so that people can get a feel for your business before they call!


Paid Advertisements

Paid advertisements are an excellent option if you require rapid, quantifiable results. We propose that you begin with Google ads. To enhance your click-through rate, make your ad wording unique (CTR). Highlight the most significant features of your practice’s offerings as well as what sets you apart from your competition.


Approach a Dental Marketing Agency

Marketing your practice takes hard work and creativity. However, approaching the best dentist marketing company for dental practices is not a bad idea.

Dental practices need to be recognized by a vast customer base. A dental marketing company will ease the burden and pressure of implementing your marketing efforts, freeing up precious time to work directly with your growing number of patients.

Reach Out to Our Top-Rated Dental Marketing Firm


Are these world-class tactics at the forefront of dental marketing secrets? No, not always. However, the tips outlined in the dental marketing guide above are critical to acquiring more leads and patients. If you implement even a few of these ideas and methods, you will be ahead of your rivals.

If you are intimidated by the prospect of putting these dental marketing concepts into action on your own, don’t be concerned. You are not required to accomplish it alone. With Sail Away Media on your side, you can get back to creating beautiful smiles for your patients while we get busy creating new patient leads with a custom digital marketing plan. 

As a reputable dental advertising firm trusted by countless dental industry professionals, we have precisely what it takes to scale your dental practice to new heights. Contact us today to request a free strategy call and learn more about how our digital marketing team can help you acquire more patients by applying our proven dental marketing services.

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