How We Helped Raise Over $4,500 During COVID-19


Amidst a global pandemic, we helped the Milwaukee Implant Institute transform their in-person CE event to a virtual online learning event that raised over $4,500 for the CDC Foundation.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, all large in-person events needed to be canceled. But with the power of the Internet, the Milwaukee Implant Institute’s CE event could be transformed into an online learning event. And because of the crisis, our client decided to donate all proceeds to the CDC Foundation. This made it a wonderful cause to promote, and we wanted to raise as much money as we could!


First, we built out an online funnel (a sequence of landing pages) where doctors could learn more, register, and pay for the online event. Once this was designed and completed we crafted videos, graphics, and copy to use for Facebook and Instagram ads.

We ran ads targeting dentists all across the country and saw sales start to come in immediately. We also implemented retargeting ads to take the results to the next level. If people showed interest by visiting the landing page, but didn’t submit their details, we showed them a variety of different ads. If they engaged with their Facebook page or Instagram ads, or even watched a portion of a video, we continued to retarget them with different ads.





in revenue


return on ad spend

2 months

to achieve these results


“I’ve had such an outstanding experience working with Alyssa and the Sail Away team.

We truly collaborate to meet our goals. The team is super professional and talented. I am building a brand that I am proud of, and I can’t wait to see what next year holds for us!”

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