Instagram for Practice Growth with Dr. Joyce Kahng

Feb 17, 2020 | Podcast

On this episode of Dental Marketing Secrets, I interviewed Dr. Joyce Kahng, General Dentist in Costa Mesa, CA.

Dr. Joyce Kahng was awarded as one of America’s top 40 dentists under 40 in 2019 and she has truly embraced the power of social media. She has almost 20,000 followers on Instagram and is growing her social presence daily.

She shares how she’s leveraging social media to grow her practice in this episode.

What we discussed…

  • How Dr. Kahng uses Instagram to reach new potential patients
  • How she has grown her practice
  • Why it’s so important to “give” before you “receive” in the world of social media
  • How she’s leveraging Virtual Smile Consults and using Instagram to get requests

Lots of value in this episode! Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Guest Expert on Dental Marketing Secrets: Dr. Joyce Kahng, General Dentist in Costa Mesa, CA.

Dr. Joyce Kahng has built a dental practice that’s modern, spa-like, and patient-focused, where the emphasis is on painless, comfortable care that improves the patient’s life. She’s particularly focused on working with patients who have dental-related anxiety. Understanding that prior negative experiences can lead to a person avoiding care, and therefore needing intensive treatment to restore their oral health, Dr. Kahng advocates for a gradual approach at a pace where the patient is comfortable. By taking the time to build a relationship based on mutual trust, respect, and open communication, she ensures a patient is able to relax and know they are safe during their visits.

She invests in modern dental technology to create a syringe-less dental environment, utilizing a Computer-Assisted Anesthesia System. With advanced technical expertise, she provides a metal-free facility, including proper removal and isolation of silver fillings.

Dr. Kahng is also Faculty and serves as an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Southern California Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry. She is passionate about mentoring future dentists and was awarded as 2018’s Outstanding Faculty. She also works on the Admissions Committee to select the best candidates to gain admission into this prestigious school. By working in academia, she can naturally stay 2 steps ahead of all the advances that dentistry has to offer.

Learn more about Dr. Joyce Kahng here.

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