The 4 Most Common Mistakes Dental Practices Make In Their Marketing

On this episode of Dental Marketing Secrets, I interviewed Nathalia Porras from NP Marketing.

She reveals the 4 most common mistakes dental practices make in their marketing and how to ensure you don’t make them too.

Here’s what we covered:

  • Why you should have a plan for your marketing before you jump in
  • What a “social media policy” is and why it’s important
  • How to not get overwhelmed by all things marketing
  • Why you should have your own photos vs. stock photography
  • How to allocate the right budget to marketing
  • What kind of ROI to expect with your marketing
  • Even more importantly—how to measure that ROI

Lots of juicy insight in this episode – enjoy!

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Guest Expert on Dental Marketing Secrets: Nathalia Porras from NP Marketing

Founder of NP Marketing, Nathalia lives and breathes digital marketing. Her passion is to help businesses grow their bottom line using smart digital marketing strategies.

Nathalia started out by learning the intricacies of social media marketing, and how these strategies could be used to attain real business objectives. She soon found herself consulting large and small businesses on social media audits, how to create online paid campaigns that converted, and how all the pieces of a digital footprint integrate together.

She currently leads the NP Marketing team with a vision of continuous learning.

You can learn more about Nathalia and NP Marketing right here.

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