5 Steps to Increase Case Acceptance

In this episode of Dental Marketing Secrets, guest Jeff Palmer, the CEO of Case Acceptance Academy shares 5 steps to increase case acceptance.

Here’s what we discussed:

  • What’s the best way to answer the “how much” question?
  • Why it’s more cost-effective to increase your case acceptance rate rather than invest more heavily into marketing
  • How to handle price objections and get paid upfront
  • The biggest mistake dentists make when presenting treatment and how to fix it

Listen to the Interview Here:

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Guest Expert on Dental Marketing Secrets: Jeff Palmer, Case Acceptance Academy

Jeff Palmer is the CEO and Founder of Case Acceptance Academy. He specializes in working with ambitious dentists to grow their practices. He trains dentists and their teams to implement a predictable system of case acceptance, increasing their production and profit effortlessly.

His mission is to dispel the mystery surrounding case acceptance and to teach dentists practical methods of closing treatment plans. This both increases practice profitability and ensures patients get the highest standard of care possible. Jeff uses a powerful training system and proven methods of increasing case acceptance rates, and his goal is to provide dental practice owners the tools they need to grow their practice and thrive financially.

Learn more about Jeff here: www.caseacceptanceacademy.com

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