How to Create The Ultimate Patient Experience with Dr. David Moffet

On this episode of Dental Marketing Secrets, Dr. David Moffet reveals how to create the ultimate patient experience. Here’s what we discussed:

  • How he scaled his practice from one staff member and one chair to two locations
  • The unique systems his practice (and those of his clients) have utilized for outstanding growth
  • What to focus on if you’re just starting off with your practice
  • What to make sure you have in place before you start marketing

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Guest Expert on Dental Marketing Secrets: Dr. David Moffet

Dr. David Moffet, BDS, FPFA, is a general dentist from Sydney and the author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller “How to Build the Dental Practice of Your Dreams (without killing yourself) in Less Than Sixty Days!”

He is the inventor of The Ultimate Patient Experience™, or UPE, a simple-to-implement patient retention system he used to build and subsequently sell (for several million dollars) his very successful dental practice (of 28 years) located in working-class western Sydney.

David’s Ultimate Patient Experience™ dramatically increases the individual value of each one of your patients, doubles (at a minimum) new telephone patient inquiry conversion rates, increases repeat patient visits and increases your pricing structure, with no net patient loss. David also coaches private dental clients (in the US, Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand) on how to improve their dental practices by focusing on customer service and patient retention.

Learn more about him here:

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