It’s not you, it’s Facebook…

I hear it all the time.

“We just haven’t been able to crack the Facebook code”


“We were crushing it for months and now, NOTHING!”

After auditing thousands of ad accounts, I can spot red flags in a matter of minutes. But as a busy business owner, the last thing you need to be doing is tinkering around in Ads Manager for hours trying to lower your cost per lead.

You see, the Facebook platform is constantly changing.

So if something is working well right now, you can almost guarantee it’s not going to work in a few months from now.

It's Not You It's Facebook

Here’s the inside scoop on what we’re finding is working really well right now (you will not hear this from a Facebook rep, guaranteed):

Big Audience Sizes

“The bigger the better” definitely applies to finding a well-converting audience, especially when initially testing out cold audiences. I’m talking 600K plus. 1 million, good. Facebook is loving bigger audiences right now!

You may be thinking, “my product or service is too niche, there is no way over 1 million people would be interested.” Or… I’m not wasting money showing ads to anyone more than 10 miles away from my location…

Here’s the thing… Facebook is a machine learning algorithm that needs as much data as it can in order to optimize your campaigns. If your ads are shown to millions of users, Facebook will shuffle through the ones that they think would covert/engage the most and only show it to users who will convert. That’s why it’s best for ads to be shown to as many people as possible, then let Facebook do its thing.

Give it a shot. We’re seeing large audiences work really well right now.

Broad Audiences

This is also known as “blanket targeting” or “the carpet bomb” approach. It means no Interest Targeting and no lookalike audiences. You put in as little refinement as age and location and let the algorithm do its thing. We’re basically saying, trust the platform.

We’re finding this works well if you have been running ads for some time, meaning you have a seasoned Facebook Pixel and Schema set up on your website.

If you are using this approach, try running a conversion campaign and letting your pixel do the work for you. This approach ties in well with the big audience idea.

Campaign Budget Optimization

Facebook is shifting towards only allowing you to adjust budgets at the campaign level, and we’re seeing success testing this in certain scenarios. This is worth starting to test right now. In a few months, this type of budget optimization will be mandatory for all users so it’s best to get a head start now.

A good way to go about doing this is to test various ad sets with various ads within each of them. Within those ads, layer in different copy, and different ad types (carousel, images, and videos). Then let the platform decide which convert best. This is working well with larger budgets.

If you’ve been having bad luck with your ad campaigns lately, give some of these strategies a shot.

I’m excited to hear what kind of results you get!

Alyssa Ege

President and Lead Strategist at Sail Away Media. Loves to come up with creative solutions for our clients to help them achieve their goals.

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