How to Run A Successful Video Ad Using Instagram Stories

Instagram story ads have been a hot topic lately… It’s a huge opportunity because users are enmeshed in their Instagram Stories day in and out. Having your brand pop in there in video format with a call to action is powerful stuff!

When you select automatic placements, you run the same ad/creative across various platforms (including the Instagram Stories placement) like the example below from Facebook.

instagram story ads
Source: Facebook Business

But what’s even more powerful is customizing your creative specifically for this placement.

Let’s talk about the best ways to do this…

The ground rules:

  • Use a video that is no longer than 15 seconds
  • Use vertical dimensions
  • Keep it upbeat and captivating (consider your audience!)
  • Use a call-to-action to get consumers to swipe up
  • Get creative

The best tools for creating Instagram Story Ads

Here are some of our favorite tools for crafting these videos…

  • Quik (GoPro’s video editing app, you can create these videos easily using templates on your phone!)
  • Camtasia
  • Adobe Premiere Pro

Things to keep in mind…

Don’t forget a clear call to action. Get your users to act quickly.

And test, test, test!

P.S. Check out >> these examples from AdEspresso.

Alyssa Ege

President and Lead Strategist at Sail Away Media. Loves to come up with creative solutions for our clients to help them achieve their goals.

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