Use Gamification to Lower Your Cost Per Lead

Use this trick to lower your cost per lead

I’m sure you’ve all seen the popular content floating around your Facebook newsfeeds… What flavor of shrimp are you? What city do you belong in?

You’ve probably even taken the time to participate in some of these.

Why are these types of posts so engaging? Maybe because they’re distracting, entertaining, or just plain fun. Whatever it is, we love to play games. So how can you put a “gamification” twist on your marketing efforts?

So… What’s Gamification?

Hubspot puts it simply, “it’s the marketer’s equivalent of turning a baby’s spoon into a rocket ship so the baby has fun trying to catch it, and you get your baby to eat the smashed peas. Everybody wins, and the baby has a good time to boot.”

It’s turning your marketing into a game in order to achieve your end goal. For instance, using a quiz to collect an email in return, using a points systems to reward your customers for coming back, challenges, contests, do this to win this, etc.

Gamified marketing campaigns tend to get a ton of social proof (likes, comments, shares) and a lower cost per lead (CPL) because you are giving your audience upfront value — ENTERTAINMENT!

Still confused about how your business can use gamification?

Check out this simple quiz I built and find out how much you really know about Facebook ads.

Alyssa Ege

President and Lead Strategist at Sail Away Media. Loves to come up with creative solutions for our clients to help them achieve their goals.

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