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We’re a full service Facebook and Instagram ads marketing agency specializing exclusively in helping small businesses generate leads through social media.

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Imagine if your social media brought in new customers and actually helped you outshine your competitors?


Gone are the days of simply mailing out flyers and relying on word of mouth. It takes more than good SEO to win business.

And if you think those methods are still working?

You haven’t seen anything yet…

Whether you’re a dental practice, medical spa, yoga studio, or restaurant – we can deliver and manage the right solution to help you become known as “THE” go to spot in your area.

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The Perfect Funnel

The first step is building out a proper lead generation funnel to run on Facebook. We have tested and validated funnels that we know work to bring in new leads and customers.


Paid Advertising Strategy

If your business is relying on SEO, growth is going to take a long time. We target your local audience using targeted digital ads, send them to your funnel, and watch the leads pour in.


Follow-Up Automation

We have a proven follow-up system that drastically reduces no-show rates. We call every lead for you within 2 minutes, and live transfer them straight to your front desk.


Scale Your Business

We make things really simple for you by taking all your marketing needs off your hands. You know exactly how many leads are coming in through your ads. No more guesswork.

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We understand lead generation through Facebook and Instagram marketing better than anyone you’ve ever talked to.


Sail Away Media was founded by Alyssa Ege, who grew up working in her father’s dental office. Later, with her career as an eCommerce Manager for a billion-dollar company excelling, she developed a passion for helping dental practices achieve real results through digital marketing efforts. Alyssa proceeded to broaden her reach, seeking out small businesses of all varieties, and assisting in their digital campaigns.

Today, Sail Away Media has grown to a remote team of marketing professionals, willing to assist all businesses in social marketing strategy. Collectively, we’ve represented hundreds of clients, and have been able to achieve high-level results. We strongly value working with small and mid-size businesses that desire to bring good to the world, and we work hard to obtain incredible outcomes for all of our clients.

We know how hard it is to run a business. We’re here to make your life easier. Our mission is to help market your voice to the local community, automate, and most importantly – grow.

Benefits of Well-Crafted Facebook Ads


The benefits of Facebook ads are limitless. First of all, prospective audiences can find key information about your location and services either through the ad or by simply clicking on your business page.

All of the contact information they need, including phone numbers, email addresses, and a link to your website landing page, is neatly arranged at the very top of your business page. Not only does this draw leads, but it also boosts your website traffic, which in turn boosts your brand’s digital presence over time.

Since all businesses benefit from visuals, such as video ads of products or photos of customers, content-rich Facebook ads and posts put your audience at ease. They’ll get to see exactly how you work and how your services will be to their benefit.

Additionally, because the advertising is targeted, you have the benefit of attracting your ideal customer. For example, peer support groups have the ability to target anyone facing life’s challenges, and dental implant specialists can reach people looking to transform their smiles.

Since each business is different, the benefits of well-managed Facebook ads will be just as unique. If you are interested in learning more, we invite you to book a free discovery call or to contact us today.


Basics of Facebook Advertising For Businesses


Facebook advertising for businesses works on several levels. Two ad types offered by Facebook include the pay-per-click (PPC) or cost-per-impression (CPI) ad campaign models. However, you’re not stuck with one or the other. The first, PPC, allows you to pay only when someone clicks on your ad or accesses your content, while the CPI method charges a small fee each time Facebook runs your ad.

When you choose Sail Away Media to handle your Facebook ad efforts, you won’t be given the cookie-cutter, stock-photo-laden marketing approach you’ve come to expect from other Facebook marketers. Everything we do is completely customized to your goals, needs, and budget. We pay close attention to your conversion rate and target audience, and we’re always prepared to adjust our strategy around what seems to be working as well as what just isn’t.

In short, we’re flexible, creative, and results-driven. We can adapt on-the-go. Once we find the distinct Facebook ad strategy that works for you, we’ll dive head-first into our marketing efforts to get the results you desire.

Case Studies

Get It Straight


This orthodontist used Facebook ads to grow his 4 practice locations

Pathways Dental Clinic


How we delivered this dental practice 371 new patient leads

Milwaukee Implant Institute


How we raised over $4,500 for the CDC Foundation with social media

Dental Implant Center


This 3-month lead generation campaign brought in 31X return on ad spend

The Crossroads Club


We more than tripled this nonprofit’s investment with event ticket sales



9X return on ad spend in just over 2 months of working together

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Our Testimonials


“Alyssa and Sail Away Media did a really great job for us! The work was completed in the timeframe that it was promised and the quality of the work was excellent. I highly recommend this company”

Jeff Morris
McMow Law

“This company is such a pleasure. The experience was professional and the energy was creative the entire step of the way. Alyssa is a dream to work with!”

Linda Corley
Daydream Production House

“Sail Away Media has been running our social media marketing program for the past 5 years. I can’t tell you how pleased we have been with their knowledge, innovation and professional skills. They have made our business a buzz in our market.”

Dr. Anna Hong
Englewood Dental

We Will Customize the Perfect Facebook Ad Funnel for Your Business

Launching Facebook ads can be as easy as ticking a few boxes, and clicking “post”. However, for the benefit of your business, this simply won’t cut it.

Successful Facebook ad campaigns used to be a lot easier to master and much less competitive. Now, the market is saturated with competitors all vying for the same spots your business needs on Facebook feeds and Instagram feeds. This means that if you want to truly leverage the best Facebook ads for your business, seeking specialized assistance is essential.

Let Our Team of Professionals Leverage the Best Facebook Ads for Your Business


“From crafting captivating ad copy, to designing engaging imagery, to tracking results (and knowing what to do with those results!), there’s a lot involved in building ad campaigns that consistently draw in your ideal customers, clients, or patients.

Let us handle this for you. We know what drives successful campaigns and we’ll apply our proven strategies to your business so you can get back to working directly with your audience.

There’s a reason hundreds of businesses across the globe have trusted us to transform their marketing strategy. With a five-star Google rating and a long track record of delivering optimal outcomes for our clients, we’ve become a leading provider of social marketing services. Find out what Sail Away Media can do for your brand by scheduling a free discovery call with us today.

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